For almost 30 years, I have primarily represented investors in securities arbitrations against brokerage firms. My foray into investor representation began in the early 90’s when I represented a group of Prudential Securities investors in Dallas, Texas who lost boatloads of money investing in limited partnerships at the behest of Prudential Securities stockbroker Fred Storaska.  The cases landed on the front page of the Wall Street Journal business section in March 1994, because my clients were pressuring Prudential to offer them higher settlements. It worked, and I obtained excellent settlements for my clients.
I have represented hundreds of investors over the years against most every brokerage firm there is and am proud of my accomplishments in helping investors recover what they are due.

I have secured some of the largest securities arbitration recoveries from Prudential Securities, PaineWebber, and Raymond James. I have been quoted in most all of the major financial publications and am active in writing and publishing articles.

Brokerage Fraud: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know

Ms. Stoneman has co-authored a book with husband, Douglas J. Schulz, renowned securities expert witness."The authors, battle stockbrokers for a living. . . they make enough of a case to get even very trusting investors to (wisely) think thrice about any broker's advice".


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Robert Barker, from Business Week Magazine had nice things to say about Tracy's book, Brokerage Fraud. Here is an excerpt from the article..."That's why you might do a favor for any friends who still use a stockbroker by giving them Brokerage Fraud: What Wall Street Doesn't Want You to Know (Dearborn Press)...they make enough of a case to get even very trusting investors to (wisely) think thrice about any broker's advice."


Complinet, a nationally recognized website dedicated to helping and educating the compliance and legal professions within the securities and brokerage industry. The Editor Paul Taylor published the following on the firm's web site on November 2, 2001."This book is a timely wake-up call to the brokerage industry to clean up its ways. Honest brokers have nothing to fear from this book."
George D. Mullen, Vice President, UBS PaineWebber"Tracy Stoneman and Douglas Schulz certainly know what Wall Street brokerage firms wish you didn't. Even if the largest, most reputable firms are managing your money - and especially if you're working with a firm no one ever heard of - you owe it to yourself and your family to take the authors' advice."

 - Evan Cooper, Editor-in-Chief, On Wall Street.

Lou Gorr, from Inside Business, has reviewed Tracy's book

Ms. Stoneman and her husband, Douglas J. Schulz have co-authored what could well be the first truly in-depth examination of the many ways, and potential ways, that the investing public gets ripped off in Brokerage Fraud...
"However, this is no piece of fiction, because the authors have seen some of the uglier aspects of the retail brokerage industry. Thankfully, the book isn't simply a list of bad apples. Most of the commentary is thematic, well summarized, and responsible. Some of the most valuable commentary addresses structural problems with the industry, such as commissions leading to churning, and sales targets making a mess of suitability. There are sections of the book devoted to nearly every aspect of retail brokerage, from Annuities to Wrap Accounts and from Arbitration to Margin Sellouts. In spite of BF's "hard-edged" tone, it really is a cookbook for a clean retail brokerage. In the Chapter, "Selecting and Evaluating a Stockbroker," Schulz and Stoneman even offer a list of traits for a good broker, and another list of what clients should expect of a good broker. If nothing else, you should copy these pages and forward them to the broker"